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Harambee Vistas Journal

 March 2024

What we have seen. What we have heard. 

Transformation in beloved community.

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Surprising News Headlines of 2024, Topics of Concern, Topics of Enjoyment

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Op-eds, Life Journal Stories, Essays, News Articles & Book Review Submissions

Weekly (In-Person) or Audio Meetings 

Our Mission: Harambee Conference, LLC. is an education management firm. The Harambee Vistas Journal and membership network is managed by Harambee Conference and is committed to self-care in a context of love for community reaching towards a sustainable quality of life on planet Earth. Harambee Vistas members care for self and community “pulling together” on issues of education, relationships, healthcare, leadership, and eco-friendly economic opportunity. We accomplish this goal by member-designed scheduling of professional and social forums with topic presentations for participants, nonprofits, and/or organizations within various communities and locations. We cover topics of concern, and topics of enjoyment: Change & Metanoia, Finance and Wealth Building, Ethics, Law & Justice, Family & Community, Energy & Environment, Health & Fitness, and Group Outings and Travel. 

Our Unique ValueAlthough there are definitely many membership programs online, Harambee Vistas is outstanding in that we are authentic with 2,000+ readers who we have met, in most cases, personally, and come from all walks of life, including families, college students, educators, attorneys, healthcare providers, community leaders, bankers, executives, business owners, technocrats, authors, and policymakers. We have what is needed most, a wealth of information. 

Harambee Vistas membership network program harnesses wealth for the benefit of each one of our members. Someone has to help us make sense of our world in 2024 and beyond. This network is the one that you want to tap into again, and again, for an enhanced sense of security in an increasingly uncertain life on planet Earth.

Of course, we do know how to really, really enjoy ourselves despite all of the societal turmoil as well. After all, understanding what it means to “find your balance” is of major importance. This is a safe place, and on occasion, a serene space.

Dr. Pamela Ellis
Consultant, Executive Director 
Harambee Conference, LLC. 

(Book Launch on

"To advance a sustainable quality of life on planet Earth, let us lay hold of what makes it possible for each one of us to succeed beyond our wildest dreams."     

Welcome Beloved Community to Harambee Vistas!

Our Harambee Advisory Board offers our supporters this exciting, new online membership platform for your enjoyment and use. After an exhaustive search, we have discovered a phenomenal framework to comprehensively provide the real, needed value that our trustworthy community members deserve in personal goal achievements and community engagement. As a member, you gain access to nine phenomenal groups with interested members:

Advisory Board MembersThis group is for advisory board members of Harambee Conference, and is currently by invitation only. If you are interested in serving on the advisory board, let us know at:

Harambee School: Members meet to discuss African diaspora heritage education for youth, their family, and community. 

Health & Fitness Group: Members meet to discuss optimal health and fitness wellness practices and programs while identifying successful principles with self-care, product, and services recommendations. 

Leadership Policy Issues Research Group: Members review, comment, and publish on issues of leadership policy including media, education, healthcare, business consulting, legal practice, manufacturing and environment. 

Money Matters Group:  Wealth Building and Estate Planning, Personal Finance, Investment Clubs, Banks, Credit Unions, Loan Program Discussions. 

School, College, Career Journeys: Students and family members review strategies for successful transition from high school to top ranked colleges in the U.S. and abroad. Entrance essays, resumes, interview techniques, work and community experiences are highlighted.  Calendar timelines for goal attainments and the development of an individualized portfolio student-centered portfolio for admission with scholarships, loans, and FAFSA information are provided.

Online 30-minute weekly group counseling sessions are available with Family Membership. Students and families receive helpful references and document resources.

Spirituality: Members share thoughts, feelings, meditation readings and interpretations of faith with other members in support of their daily life journey.   

Travel 2024 Group: Where would you like to travel in 2024? Interested in Costa Rica as a destination with Harambee Vista members? Let us know!

Vista Featured Contributors: This group includes members with current or upcoming submissions for publication in the Harambee Vista Journal.

Also receive member swag and discounts on upcoming events throughout the year. 

Our Terms of Agreement and Privacy Statement

Our terms for membership include a code of conduct that prohibits all acts or statements that are unlawful, harmful, threatening, abusive, harassing, tortious, defamatory, vulgar, obscene, libelous, or invasive of another's privacy or which is hateful, and/or racially, ethnically, or otherwise objectionable. For a complete listing of our terms of agreement and privacy statement,click here.

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